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Please do not hesitate to email us with any queries that are not answered in the below.  


Can we afford NEILAN Construction?


We can work within any budget and pride ourselves on our innovative solutions to your carpentry and construction requirements.



Does NEILAN Construction charge for consultation?

No, our initial consultation is free of charge.  We are happy to meet with  you at the project site to discuss your carpentry requirements.


Will NEILAN Construction work with our architect / engineer?


Yes we are happy to work to their specifications and guidelines. 


Will NEILAN Construction install our materials, providing labour only?


Yes, as long as the materials are of good quality and on-site ready for us.


Will NEILAN Construction help organise other suppliers and sub-contractors for our project?


Yes, we have excellent relationships with suppliers and sub-contractors through years of working together providing you with the best value for your project. 

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